Private day care allowance

Private day care allowance can be claimed by a family whose under-school-age child is looked after by a nanny hired by the family or by a private day care provider.

Private day care allowance includes a care allowance and a care supplement, which depends on the family's income. Both of these are paid separately for each child eligible for the benefit.

When am I eligible for private day care allowance?

Private day care allowance can be claimed by a parent who lives in the same household with the child on condition that the child is not in municipal day care or no place has been reserved for the child in municipal day care. However, participation in municipal pre-school education one year before starting school does not prevent you from claiming the benefit.

Who can act as care provider?

To qualify for private day care allowance, the care provider

  • must not live in the same household with the child
  • is a private person who has signed with the family a contract of employment and who has been approved by the local authority as a child-care provider, or
  • is another day care provider (person or society) approved by the local authority as a child-care provider.

The child can be looked after by a relative (e.g. grandparent) if you have drawn up a contract of employment with them and you pay them wages. If there is a child under 3 in the family, you can claim child home care allowance for your children, in which case a relative can look after the children without a contract of employment.

The allowance can also be paid for the family's other children under school age when they are looked after by a care provider approved by the local authority. Children who are enrolled in extended compulsory education are eligible for private day care allowance until the end of July in the year when the child has his or her seventh birthday.

Notification requirement

Remember to tell Kela immediately if there are any changes in the child's day care arrangements or the family's income. Kela will adjust the care supplement, for example, if there are changes to the family's income.

Last modified 17/04/2015
Updated 22/10/2012