Amount of child benefit

Amount of child benefit according to number of children EUR / month  
1st child 95.75
2nd child 105.80
3rd child 135.01
4th child 154.64
5th child and more 174.27

The amount of child benefit increases according to the number of children. The amount is affected by the children eligible for child benefit. Increases can only be calculated when all child benefits are granted to the same person.

Example: A couple has three children aged 3, 4 and 15. A parent is paid child benefit for the two youngest children, and the 15-year-old receives child benefit for him/herself. In such a case, the child benefit paid to the parent is calculated on the basis of two children.

Single-parent supplement

If you live alone with your child, you will receive a monthly increase of €48.55 per child to the child benefit. You can claim the single-parent supplement even if the parents have shared custody of the child. When claiming the single parent increase, child benefit will start from the following month. Remember to notify Kela if you move in with a new partner so that the single-parent supplement can be stopped.

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Last modified 30/12/2014
Updated 01/01/2015