Health care during a temporary stay in Finland

In the case of emergency, the number to call is 112.

Public health care

Health care in Finland is mainly provided on the basis of residence and is primarily financed with general tax revenues. There are both public- and private-sector providers. Primary health care services are the responsibility of municipalities and are generally provided through local health centres. In the Åland Islands the province of Åland is responsible for organising the health care services. Each municipality has a health centre, with the exception of some small municipalities, which may share resources with a neighbouring municipality. The health centres provide residents with physician, dental, laboratory and radiographic services. The municipalities own and operate almost all of the hospitals. In addition there are a few private hospitals.

Private-sector services

Private-sector services, which mainly provide out-patient care, complement the public services. The private sector also comprises a few hospitals, rehabilitation facilities as well as all pharmacies with the exception of those operating in conjunction with a general hospital. Patients who use private-sector services pay the entire cost of the service to the provider, after which they can apply for reimbursement from Kansaneläkelaitos/Folkpensionsanstalten (Kela/FPA) under the Health Insurance Act. This point is addressed in more detail at section Reimbursements.

Dialysis or oxygen therapy

If you need dialysis or oxygen therapy during your stay in Finland, you or your health care institution must arrange the treatment with a relevant hospital before coming to Finland. Hospital contact information is available on the Internet (in Finnish). Most but not all hospitals on the list provide oxygen therapy and dialysis. If the hospital does not provide such service, it can inform you where treatment is available.

More information

Read more about services provided by a doctor or a dentist in Finland, medication, hospital treatment or reimbursements paid by Kela/FPA. You will find additional information on how to receive necessary medical benefits in Finland on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and on as well.

Under you will find a PDF file containing the same description of how EU visitors can receive medical benefits during a temporary stay in Finland as on these pages.

Visitor entitlements under European Health Insurance Card (pdf, 54kt)

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