Application process for benefits

The benefits provided by Kela are generally available on application only. The only exceptions are the reimbursements of medical, pharmaceutical and travel expenses, which are available as direct, on-the-spot reimbursements.

Applications for benefit can increasingly be made online besides being submitted on a paper form. To log into Kela's online customer service system, you need your online banking ID or electronic ID card. Online applications are automatically forwarded to the unit responsible for processing them. The online customer service is so far available only in Finnish and Swedish.

Paper application forms are available from Kela's local offices, or they can be printed off Kela's website. Remember to sign your application. You can mail it to Kela.

Applications for student financial aid should be submitted to Kela or, if you attend a university, the financial aid committee of your university. Applications for school transportation subsidy should be submitted to your school.

Whether you are completing the application online or on paper, be sure to fill in all information required in the application or the supporting documents. Upon receiving your application, Kela will check that it contains all of the information needed for a decision.

You may be asked to provide additional information

Before making a decision on your application, Kela will make sure that it has access to all relevant information. You may be asked to provide additional information to supplement your application. You will be told a date by which you must provide the information. If you miss the deadline, Kela may decide your case based on the information otherwise available to it. Kela may also take steps to acquire information which it has a legal right to access.

Last modified 11/05/2016
Updated 22/10/2012