Social security agreements

You may have a right to social security when moving to or from Finland on the basis of a social security agreement. Finland has such agreements with the other Nordic countries and with the United States, Canada, Australia, Chile and Israel. With Australia, Finland has also an agreement covering medical treatment during a temporary stay in the other signatory country. Further, Finland has made a separate arrangement concerning social security with the Province of Quebec.

The agreements typically cover employees and the members of their families. The provisions of the agreements are applied exclusively to the persons and fields of social security expressly covered by them. If no social security agreement contains provisions regarding your social security coverage, the Finnish national legislation will be applied, including its provisions concerning the temporary or permanent nature of a change of residence to Finland. For more details, see Other countries.

The social security agreements cover different fields of social security

  • The Social Security Agreement with the United States covers national pensions and survivor pensions as well as – for employees on a temporary assignment in the other country – health insurance, parental insurance and child benefits.
  • The Social Security Agreement with Canada covers old-age pensions and survivor pensions.
  • The Social Security Agreement with Chile covers old-age pensions, survivor pensions and medical treatment (for pensioners).
  • The Social Security Agreement with Israel covers old-age pensions, survivor pensions, child benefits and maternity grants. With respect to posted workers, it also covers health insurance and parental benefits.
  • The social security arrangement with the Province of Quebec covers medical treatment and health insurance.
  • The Social Security Agreement with Australia covers national pensions.
  • Temporary residents of Australia who are insured by the Finnish National Health Insurance are entitled to necessary emergency medical treatment.

Nordic Convention on Social Security

The Nordic Convention on Social Security and the EC Regulation 883/2004 coordinating social security in the EU/EEA countries are substantively quite similar. The significance of the Nordic Convention on Social Security is slight, since all the Nordic countries apply EC Regulation 883/2004. Norway and Iceland became included among the countries that apply Regulation 883/2004 1 June 2012. Nowadays the old Regulation 1408/71 only concerns persons to whom EC Regulation 883/2004 cannot be applied. Such persons include third-country citizens who move between Denmark and the other Nordic countries.

According to the current Nordic Convention on Social Security, workers moving to another Nordic country are subject to the provisions regarding workers in the EC Regulation. Anyone not an employee is covered by the Nordic Convention. Under the terms of the Convention, they are covered by the social security system of the country in which they are resident (according to the population register).

Last modified 11/04/2013
Updated 22/10/2012