National Pensions Index

Many of the benefits provided by Kela are adjusted annually according to changes in the National Pensions Index. Besides national pensions, this includes guarantee pensions, survivors' pensions, front-veterans' supplements, disability allowances, basic unemployment allowances and labour market subsidies, child benefits, child care subsidies and minimum-rate daily allowances.

The National Pensions Index is linked to the Cost-of-Living Index, which is compiled by Statistics Finland and tracks the prices of key commodities. The index is updated annually by Kela on the basis of average prices in the third quarter. The value of the index for the upcoming year is calculated by dividing by 1.184 (in 2017) the mean value of the Cost-of-Living Index for the three months of the third quarter of the current year (July, August and September).

The value of the National Pensions Index for the upcoming calendar year is confirmed by Kela by the end of October of the preceding year.

The value for 2011 is 1508.
The value for 2012 is 1565.
The value for 2013 is 1609.
The value for 2014 is 1630.
The value for 2015 is 1637.
The value for 2016 is 1631.
The value for 2017 is 1617.

National Pensions Index values since 1985 (pdf)

Last modified 26/10/2017
Updated 14/10/2015