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Kela provides basic social security for all persons resident in Finland through the different stages of their lives.


Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, operates under the supervision of Parliament. The administration and operations of Kela are supervised by 12 trustees appointed by Parliament and 8 auditors chosen by the trustees. Kela has a 10-member Board of Directors that manages and develops its operations.

The trustees approve the financial statements and accounting principles based on the recommendation of the Board of Directors and issue decisions on releasing the Board from liability. The trustees also submit a report on their operations to Parliament annually.

The legal status, responsibilities and administrative structure of Kela are defined in the Act on the Social Insurance Institution. Its responsibilities in the area of social protection are defined in a range of Acts of Parliament concerning specific benefits.

Mission and values

Kela's mission is to secure the income and promote the health of the entire nation, and to support the capacity of individual citizens to care for themselves.

Kela is a reliable, efficient and socially responsible actor. It has an active role in developing social security and its implementation. The social security provided by Kela is clearly understandable, reasonable in amount and delivered with a good standard of quality. Kela's service is the best in the public sector.

Kela's operations are based on the following values:

  • Respect for the individual
  • Expertise
  • Cooperation
  • Renewal

Last modified 26/02/2014
Updated 22/10/2012