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Kela is an independent social insurance institution supervised by Parliament.


Parliamentary Trustees

Supervised by the Finnish Parliament, Kela is an independent social security institution with its own administration and finances. The parliamentary supervision is exercised by a group of Trustees appointed by the Parliament.

The Trustees approve the financial statements and accounting principles based on the recommendation of the Board of Directors and issue decisions on releasing the Board from liability. The Trustees also submit an annual report on their operations to the Parliament.

Board of Directors

Kela is managed by a ten-member Board of Directors selected by the Trustees. A representative of the Kela staff has the right to attend and to be heard at the Board meetings.

Kela's organisational structure as of 1 January 2016

Six business units

Kela's operations are divided between six business units: Customer Relations, Benefit Services, Operational Development, ICT Services, Shared Services, and an Advisory Staff Unit.

The Benefit Services business unit is not only responsible for determining benefit claims but also involved in legislative planning and reform efforts in the area of benefit provision. At the local level, Kela's operations are divided into five insurance districts, which are part of the Benefit Services business unit.

  • Southern Insurance District
  • Eastern Insurance District
  • Central Insurance District
  • Western Insurance District
  • Northern Insurance District

Other organisational units operating as part of Benefit Services are the Centre for International Affairs, the Centre for Student Financial Aid, Kela's office in the Åland Islands, the Centre for Interpreting Services for the Disabled, the Centre for Disability Pensions, and the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare.

The Customer Relations business unit is responsible for providing customer service across all service channels and for providing advice and guidance to customers according to individual need. It includes six regional customer service units.

  • Southern customer service unit
  • Customer service unit for the Greater Helsinki Area
  • Eastern customer service unit
  • Central customer service unit
  • Western customer service unit
  • Northern customer service unit

The Customer Contact Centre, responsible for providing telephone assistance to customers, is also part of the Customer Relations business unit. It has operations in five towns: Joensuu, Lieksa, Jyväskylä, Kemijärvi and Jakobstad.

The Operational Development business unit is responsible for developing and improving customer service and benefit processes, information systems and related services.

The ICT Services business unit produces and delivers ICT services for Kela's customers, stakeholders and staff. Kanta services are part of the ICT Services business unit.

The Shared Services business unit is responsible for producing and delivering services which are common to the entire organisation and which facilitate general operations. The Overpayment Recovery Centre, responsible for recovery and collection, is part of this business unit.

The Advisory Staff Unit is responsible for providing managerial services in furtherance of Kela's strategic goals and for supporting executive decision-making. The Internal Audit unit reports directly to the Director General.

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