Parental leave for mother or father

Parental leave starts after maternity leave. For the duration of parental leave, Kela pays 158 working days of parental allowance, which is just over 6 months. The child is about 9 months old when the parental allowance ends. Working days are weekdays from Monday to Saturday excluding weekday holidays. You can calculate with the calculator for the parental allowance period (only in Finnish) for which period you can receive parental allowance.

Parental leave can be taken by the mother or the father. The parents can also alternate the leave, but not take it at the same time (with the exception of multiple birth families). If the parents share the leave they can each take up to 2 periods of leave divided between them as they wish.  

The father and mother can take partial parental leave at the same time, in which case both of them work part time and receive partial parental allowance.

Working during parental leave

Following an amendment to the law which became effective on 1 January 2015, fathers now have the same rights as mothers to work during the parental leave. If a father or mother works during the parental leave, he or she will be paid parental allowance at the minimum rate during the relevant period (see Amount). Work performed on Sundays does not affect the allowance.

Last modified 30/12/2014
Updated 01/01/2015