Maternity grant and maternity package

When you are expecting a baby, you can choose between a maternity package and a tax-free lump sum of 140 euros as a maternity grant. Maternity grant is available to expectant mothers and adoptive parents who live in Finland or are cover by the Finnish social security system.

To qualify for a maternity grant, your pregnancy must also have lasted for at least 154 days and you must have undergone a medical examination at a doctor's surgery or antenatal clinic before the end of the fourth month of your pregnancy.

Maternity grant for an adoptive child

Adoptive parents who have adopted a child under 18 years of age are also eligible for a maternity grant. In case of international adoption, the Finnish Board of Inter-Country Adoption Affairs must have authorised the adoption. The grant is payable already at the stage when the child has been identified to be placed in your care.

Increased maternity grant for multiple births

If you are having a multiple pregnancy, your maternity grant is increased so that you will receive two maternity grants for the second child, three for the third child, etc. Therefore, for twins you are entitled to a total of three packages, or €420 (€140 for the first child and 2 x €140 for the second child). For triplets, the maternity grant is six maternity packages, or €840 (€140 + 2 x €140 + 3 x €140). You can also choose a combination of maternity packages and money.

Last modified 22/10/2012
Updated 22/10/2012