Vocational rehabilitation of working-age people

Vocational rehabilitation is aimed at people entering or already in working life whose work capacity has deteriorated or is at risk of deteriorating over the next few years.

KIILA rehabilitation is a new form of rehabilitation for those who are currently employed (introduced in May 2016).

The purpose of vocational rehabilitation may be

  • to improve your capacity for work so as to help you cope with work demands
  • to help you overcome an impairment and enter working life
  • to help you return to work after a lengthy absence.

Examinations preceding vocational rehabilitation

Before the vocational rehabilitation begins, you may be asked to undergo an evaluation of your rehabilitation need or a rehabilitation examination at a rehabilitation centre. The purpose of this is to assess your rehabilitation needs and prospects and to draw up a vocational rehabilitation plan for you. The evaluation or examination is performed by a team consisting of a doctor, a social worker, a psychologist and an expert specializing in working life issues, as well as other professionals as needed.

Last modified 02/06/2016
Updated 22/10/2012