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Kela’s services during power cuts 

The authorities have warned that localised power cuts are possible in the coming winter due to the risk of electricity shortages. The power supply to Kela’s offices is not secured in case of power cuts.

During power cuts we will not be able to provide services to our customers at our customer service points. In such situations, the customer service point will be closed and the personnel will direct customers to leave safely. We may also have to reduce the availability of scheduled appointments in case of power cuts. 

If we know about the power cut beforehand, we will inform about it in the service in the information on the opening hours of the customer service point. This may not always be possible, because there can be power cuts with short notice. 

Power cuts can also delay the processing of applications. You can yourself help the processing of your application by submitting the application and the necessary documentation in good time. 

Do as follows if a customer service point is closed due to a power cut

  1. Use online services.

    Customers can conduct most of their Kela-related business in the OmaKela e-service. The functioning of the OmaKela e-service and Kela’s other online services is secured also in the event of power cuts. 
  2. Call our customer service number.

    If you need personal advice, you can call Kela's customer service number. Our telephone service is available also in case of power cuts. Please note that there can be long queues to the telephone service if there are power cuts.

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Last modified 29/11/2022

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