Conscript’s allowance

Kela can pay conscript's allowance to

  • conscripts and persons performing alternative non-military service
  • women performing voluntary military service
  • the family members of a person performing their service
  • persons undergoing refresher training for reservists or supplementary service and the family members of such persons.

Eligibility for the conscript's allowance is affected by the net income available during the period of active service to the conscript or a qualifying family member.

Conscript's allowance can be paid in the form of

Persons coming from abroad to enter conscript service receive conscript's allowance payments under the same terms as Finnish residents. Payment of the conscript's allowance does not require the recipient to be covered by the Finnish social security system.

Any family members of the conscript who live abroad can be paid conscript's allowance.

Claim conscript's allowance before entering service

You can claim conscript's allowance one month before entering service. Conscripts and persons performing alternative non-military service are paid a daily allowance .

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