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Produced by: Kela – The Social Insurance Institution of Finland

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Permanent residents of Finland are insured under the Health Insurance Act. Provided they meet the qualifying criteria, they are entitled to sickness allowance as compensation for loss of income resulting from short-term incapacity for work. The statistics on sickness allowances describe the economic security arrangements for employees and self-employed persons during unemployment. They examine allowance recipients and expenditures from a variety of perspectives. With certain reservations, they also describe disease prevalence in the working-age population. Because of the application of a waiting period, only periods of illness exceeding ten days are included in the statistics on sickness allowances.

Data content

Recipients of sickness allowance, new sickness allowance payments, days on sickness allowance and expenditure on sickness allowances.

Classifications used

Type of benefit (sickness allowance, partial sickness allowance, sickness allowance payable under the Self-Employed Persons’ Pensions Act, sickness allowance in respect of infectious disease, sickness allowance for organ and tissue donors), disease causing incapacity for work (ICD-10), occupation and professional status (Classification of Occupations 2010), general regional and demographic classifications.

Data collection methods and data sources

Decisions on applications for sickness allowance are issued both by Kela and by workplace funds (the latter only in respect of applications filed by fund members). These statistics are compiled from individual-level datasets. They are produced from the benefit system for sickness allowances, which includes all of the data created and processed during the implementation of the sickness allowance scheme.

Updating frequency

Published monthly and yearly.

Time of completion or release

Monthly statistics are published in the Kelasto statistical database within a month following the reference month. Annual statistics are released by the end of February in the following year. Statistics on the duration of payments are finalised in approximately 12 months. The release dates of statistical publications can be found in the release calendar.

Time series

Statistics on sickness allowances have been compiled since 1964, when the National Health Insurance scheme was created. The effect of legislative amendments on eligibility conditions and rates should be noted when making year-to-year comparisons.


Statistics (data), health insurance, sickness allowance.