How to report changes that will affect your disability pension

Remember to report any changes in your circumstances to Kela so that the benefit can be paid correctly. If you are paid a disability pension or rehabilitation subsidy, you must notify Kela of the following types of changes:

  • if you start a job that pays you more than EUR 837.59 per month
  • if your health status or capacity for work improves
  • if you complete a vocational education
  • if your rehabilitation is interrupted
  • if you begin to receive some other pension or compensation from Finland or from abroad or if the amount of these benefits changes
  • if there is a change in your family circumstances
  • if you move abroad or stay abroad for more than 3 months.

There are forms available for the notification, but you can also make a free-form notification, for instance, via the message function in the e-service or by calling Kela. Don't forget to check how any changes in your circumstances will affect other benefits paid to you by Kela.

Kela obtains salary information from the national incomes register. Kela uses this data when processing claims and applications. You will be contacted if additional information is required.

How to report changes

  • Report any changes online. Use your online banking codes to sign in to the service.
  • You can also report the changes by calling Kela's customer service number.
  • You can also complete a form and send the form to Kela. If your notification concerns
    • changes in family circumstances, use the form E 285 (in Finnish)
    • start of employment, use the form EV 278e
    • other changes (such as health status, changes in profession or education), use the form EV 267 (in Finnish)

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