Form ID Description Link
Notification – Change of account number – Individual customer Y 121e This form is used by individual customers to notify Kela of new account number. Download PDF
Employer's pay report Y 17e To be completed by the employer. The employer reports the employee’s pay during the period of absence from work and, if necessary, the pay for the 6 months prior to such a period to enable the calculation of the allowance. Download PDF
Accident report SV 143e An accident report is completed if compensation is claimed on the basis of an accident. Download PDF
Application - Vocational rehabilitation KU 101e This form is used to apply for access to vocational rehabilitation from Kela. Download PDF
Notification - Account number - Employer Y 122e To be completed by the employer. The employer reports the payment details to Kela for payment of sickness allowances, parental allowances, rehabilitation allowance, compensation for annual leave costs and compensation for family leave costs. Download PDF
Need for interpreter assistance in rehabilitation - Supplement to application for rehabilitation KU 106e This form is used to determine the rehabilitation client's or other participant's need for interpretation. The client indicates which languages he or she is able to use in rehabilitation situations. The need for interpretation is then determined by Kela. Download PDF
Claim - Reimbursement for travel expenses SV 4e The form is used to claim reimbursement for travel costs due to illness, pregnancy or childbirth, or rehabilitation services provided through Kela. Download PDF
Consent - Compilation of reports concerning the usefulness of rehabilitation interventions KU 5e Consent of the rehabilitation client to participate in reporting of the usefulness of rehabilitation interventions and entering of reporting data into the register for reports on the usefulness of rehabilitation interventions. Download PDF
Work capacity evaluation - Follow-up data for Kela on rehabilitation outcomes AKV 1e This form is intended for use in the measurement and reporting of vocational rehabilitation outcomes. It is used with rehabilitation services where the service provider submits outcome reports to Kela in accordance with the service standards. Download PDF
Consent - Release and obtaining of data in rehabilitation case KU 7e The form is used when consent is needed from a young person in connection with vocational rehabilitation for young persons for Kela and its cooperation partners to cooperate when needed. Download PDF