Form ID Description Link
Notification – Change of account number – Individual customer Y 121e This form is used by individual customers to notify Kela of new account number. Download PDF
Residence and employment abroad (Appendix U) ETK/Kela 7110e - Download PDF
Information for pension applicants ETK/Kela 7007oe Instructions for pension application Download PDF
Application - Old-age pension ETK/Kela 7001e Application form for the application for old-age pension or early old-age pension from Kela or a pension provider. Download PDF
Application - Spouse’s pension ETK/Kela 7004e This form is used when applying for a surviving spouse's pension paid by Kela and a surviving spouse's pension under the acts on the earnings-related pension. Download PDF
Application - Orphan’s pension ETK/Kela 7005e This form is used when applying for the basic amount and the additional amount to an orphan’s pension and an orphan’s pension for students paid by Kela and an orphan’s pension under the acts on the earnings-related pension. Download PDF
Notification - Request for update information: To be completed by recipients of the front-veteran's supplement E 168e This form is sent out twice a year to recipients of front-veteran’s supplement living outside Finland. Must be returned before the benefit is put into payment. Download PDF
Notice of suspension of pension payment EV 278e Recipients of disability pension/rehabilitation subsidy. If you start a job that pays more than €837.59 per month, you should report it on the EV 278 form (Notice of suspension of pension payment). Download PDF
Application - Years-of-service pension ETK 2022e Application form used when applying for years-of-service pension from the authorised pension provider. Download PDF
Notification - Income and family circumstances EV 16Le The form is used when checking foreign pension income and family circumstances of pension recipients who live abroad. Download PDF
Application - Guarantee pension GE 1e Form used to apply for guarantee pension or for a review of guarantee pension. Download PDF
Application - Partial early old-age pension ETK 2021e Application form used when the customer applies for partial early old-age pension from the authorised pension provider Download PDF
Application - Rehabilitation subsidy/Disability pension ETK/Kela 7002e The form is used when applying for disability pension/rehabilitation subsidy under the National Pensions Act and the earnings-related pension acts, individual early retirement pension and partial disability pension under the earnings-related pension acts. Download PDF