Families with children

Form ID Description Link
Claim - Child home care allowance - Private day care allowance WH 1e This form is used to claim financial assistance with child care arrangements when day-care services are not obtained from the local government. Download PDF
Application - Parental benefits for mothers SV 9e Parental benefits for mothers on account of the birth or adoption of a child. Mothers can apply for maternity allowance, parental allowance, partial parental allowance, special maternity allowance, maternity grant, child benefit and adoption grant. Download PDF
Application - Child Benefit LL 1e Application for child benefit. This form can be used to apply for child benefit and/or the single-parent supplement to child benefit. Download PDF
Application - Parental benefits for fathers SV 29ae Use this form to apply for parental benefits for fathers payable on account of the birth or adoption of a child. On this form, the child’s father or the mother’s spouse/partner can e.g. apply for paternity allowance and parental allowance. Download PDF
Notification – Change of account number – Individual customer Y 121e This form is used by individual customers to notify Kela of new account number. Download PDF
Employer's pay report Y 17e To be completed by the employer. The employer reports the employee’s pay during the period of absence from work and, if necessary, the pay for the 6 months prior to such a period to enable the calculation of the allowance. Download PDF
Claim - Child maintenance allowance LU 1e Application for Child Maintenance Allowance. Download PDF
Information form - Private day care allowance - Day care provider WH 2e This form is to be completed by private day care providers. Download PDF
Notification of changes - Child Care Allowance WH 12e This form is used to report changes that may affect the care supplement and to provide details on the family's income and deductions. Download PDF
Application - Exemption from payment of child support debt LC 1e Application for an exemption from the recovery of child support debt resulting from inability to pay on the part of the liable person. Download PDF
Claim - Flexible care allowance/Partial care allowance WH 9e Form for claiming flexible or partial care allowance when a parent/parents shorten their total working hours because of caring for a child under the age of 3 or a child who has recently started school. Download PDF
Notification - Account number - Employer Y 122e To be completed by the employer. The employer reports the payment details to Kela for payment of sickness allowances, parental allowances, rehabilitation allowance, compensation for annual leave costs and compensation for family leave costs. Download PDF
Benefit overpayment details Y 14e With this form you can report the reasons for the overpayment and describe your financial situation before a recovery decision is issued. Download PDF
Appendix - Child care allowances - Statement of self-employment income Y 8e Supporting document for claim for child care allowances. The form is to be completed by claimants and claimants’ family members who have income from self-employment. Download PDF