Building tech for social wellbeing

The number one task of Kela’s IT Services is to create the systems that Kela needs to extend social protection to everyone living in Finland. We want to offer our customers access to the best technology. To achieve that, we conduct trials to identify solutions that can help us provide better services going forward.

With over 700 professionals, IT Services operates mainly out of Helsinki and Jyväskylä. We use modern tools, and continually upgrade and streamline the way we work. We focus on doing the right things. Our IT professionals are key to creating new ways of conducting our operations. We let them create IT solutions independently but with the support of a good team.

Keeping up with the latest innovations

Continuous learning is important to us because we want our professionals to keep up with the cutting edge in technological development. At Kela, creating IT services and designing systems offers interesting challenges that drive professional growth. We offer flexible work arrangements to fit personal circumstances.

In addition to the opportunity to work on issues with major societal importance, we offer a great range of benefits that includes meals, extensive healthcare and remote work arrangements. Our healthcare plan includes dental coverage. Our staff have access to a voucher programme that subsidises cultural activities and physical training.

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