Kela has sent a late payment reminder about the student healthcare fee to some 44,000 students

Late payment reminders were sent to higher education students who registered as attending by 30 September 2021 but did not pay the student healthcare fee by the due date.

The due date is 30 September 2021 for students in higher education who registered as attending for the autumn term by 30 September 2021. Altogether about 227,000 students paid the healthcare fee by the due date, while about 44,000 students have yet to pay it.

Kela has now sent the latter group of students a late payment reminder which includes a EUR 5 fixed late fee, which is set by law. Students who paid the healthcare fee after the due date will get a reminder about the late fee.

The fee can be withheld from the student’s study grant for December.

Students who receive a late payment reminder should pay the healthcare fee as soon as possible.

If they do not comply with the reminder, Kela may deduct both the healthcare fee and the late fee from their study grant payments without a formal consent process. For students whose due date was 30 September 2021, Kela will withhold the fees from their study grant payments for the month of December 2021. Students can also ask to have the fee withheld from some other Kela benefit that they receive.

If the healthcare fee cannot be withheld from the study grant payments, it will be referred to the enforcement authority for collection.

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