The website now serves the self-employed even better

The section for self-employed persons on the website has been renewed. It now also includes information about the Kela benefits available to those who are self-employed.

The renewed pages provide information about the Kela benefits that self-employed persons are entitled to as well as information on how the YEL (Self-Employed Persons’ Pensions Act) and MYEL (Farmers’ Pensions Act) pension insurance schemes affect the amounts of benefits payable. On the pages, there are shortcuts to information on the benefits available and on how you apply for them. The pages also include information for small business owners about the benefits available to employers and the obligations you have as an employer.

In 2019, Kela set up customer panels, where self-employed persons gave feedback about the way Kela communicates information on benefit matters and whether it was easy to find information on the website. When renewing the pages, the information gathered from these customer panels was taken into consideration.

The pages have been published in Finnish, Swedish and English.

See the renewed pages: