Kela’s strategy

Our mission statement

With you throughout life – Supporting you through times of change

Our values

Respect for the individual, expertise, cooperation, renewal

Our vision

We are a service innovator that creates wellbeing and helps people manage their lives better.

Strategic objectives

Providing an excellent customer experience to everyone equally

  • Together with our partners, we provide preventive and effective services that are right for our customers’ circumstances.

  • We develop digital services that are best in class in Finland and respond to the individual and changing needs of our customers.

  • We look after our customers’ interests by strengthening the cooperation between different organisations.

Grounding our services in up-to-date, reliable information

  • We leverage knowledge-based management to improve our effectiveness and capacity to anticipate and gain insight into our customers’ needs.

  • We offer information management services both nationally and internationally. We are an attractive cooperation partner.

  • We take active steps to offer our expertise and information to create change in society.

Working responsibly as a social partner

  • We work towards a fair, supportive and transparent social security system.

  • We are an active and reliable cooperation partner in different networks.

  • We work systematically on making our operations more accountable and interactive.

Redesigning the way we work and strengthening our customer service culture

  • By focusing on wellbeing at work, we provide excellent customer service.
  • Experimental projects are a key part of our culture.
  • We encourage our staff to refresh their skills, to take the initiative and to establish connections across organisational boundaries.

Strategic development

Our strategic development efforts take the form of two development programmes and themes that help to drive organisational change.

The Excellent Customer Experience programme develops operations and services for the needs of different customer segments. The availability of services is improved by the increased use of digital technologies. Benefit development starts with our customers’ needs. Work capacity, functioning and autonomy are supported in a responsible way. The development programme is led by Director Kari-Pekka Mäki-Lohiluoma.

The focus of the Turning Information into Service programme is on offering easy-to-use digital services for our customers and stakeholders in the area of social and health services. The services are offered within a national and international service architecture.  The development programme is led by Director Nina Nissilä.

Our efforts to work more effectively and to strengthen our effectiveness as a societal actor are encapsulated in two themes for change respectively titled Effectiveness and Work. These two themes highlight Kela's role in developing Finnish society, taking the initiative in crafting public policy. We will also seek to modernise work practices and wellbeing at work using digital technologies and robotics as required by societal development. Our efforts to work more effectively and to strengthen our effectiveness as a societal actor are headed by Director General Elli Aaltonen.  

Development is accelerated by the five themes for change, each with a dedicated Director of Change Management.

  • Effectiveness: Tomi Ståhl
  • Health, social services and regional government reform: Marjukka Turunen
  • Digitalisation: Katri-Leena Launis
  • Operational models: Paula Vesterinen
  • Work: Tuula Soukkanen