Maternity, paternity and parental allowances

The parental allowance system is being reformed - are you on the right page?

The information on this page applies to your family if:

  • the estimated due date of your baby is before 4 September 2022
  • you are adopting and the child will be placed in your care on or before 30 July 2022.
Click here for further information on parental allowances when the estimated due date of the baby is on or after 4 September 2022.

Kela offers financial assistance to families starting from pregnancy and during various types of family leave. Family leaves are based on the Employment Contracts Act.

Parents can get

  • maternity and special maternity allowance
  • paternity allowance
  • parental allowance
  • partial parental allowance

The maternity leave can begin 50-30 working days before the expected due date. You can choose when to start the leave. Maternity allowance is paid for 105 working days during the maternity leave.

If you come in contact in your work with radiation, chemical agents or infectious disease, you can stay away from work as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed. You get a special maternity allowance during this time.

Paternity allowance is payable during the paternity leave for 54 working days. Up to 18 days of that can consist of a period in which both the father and the mother stay at home.

The parental leave begins after the maternity leave. Either the mother or the father can take a parental leave, or the parents can take turns. During the parental leave, Kela pays a parental allowance for 158 working days.

The parents can also work part-time and look after the child for half a day in turns. For this period, Kela pays partial parental allowance to both parents.

Another entitlement criterion for parental allowances is that you must have been entitled to coverage under the Finnish social security system for at least 180 days immediately before the expected due date for your child. Periods of insurance spent in other EU/EEA countries, Switzerland or Israel may count towards the 180-day requirement. If you move to Finland from another country, see the section From other countries to Finland.

Pension benefits from family leaves

You earn pension benefits for the period that you are paid a maternity, paternity or parental benefit or a child home care allowance. See the calculator on the Työelä website for an estimate on the pension benefits earned.

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