Archival service for physical documents containing patient and client data from defunct social and health service providers

The service is intended for private social and health service providers which have ceased operations and which are responsible for storing the physical records on patients and clients they created while they were in operation. Ceasing operations can mean the actual discontinuation of professional activity in the social services or healthcare field due to such reasons as business termination, change of careers or retirement. Cessation of operations must be reported to the Regional State Administrative Agency. For detailed requirements for the use of the service, please refer to the section titled Who is the archival service for?

Archival of the records at Kela is free of charge for the time being, but converting the materials to a format required by Kela may entail some costs to the service providers or their representatives. Further, the service providers and their representatives are liable for any costs arising from the transfer of the materials to Kela. Kela currently does not accept materials created by occupational healthcare providers or those stored in an electronic format.

A written agreement is drawn up before documents are transferred

Service providers or their representative make an agreement with Kela on the archival of the documents at Kela before the documents are transferred to the archival service.

The point of contact for all agreement-related matters is the following email address: Kela’s customer service points are not authorised to make archival agreements or to come to an arrangement on the transfer of the records. The transportation arrangements and the time of handover of the documents are agreed once Kela and the service provider have signed an archival agreement. Documents cannot be transferred to Kela without a valid archival agreement. For more information on the agreement process and the transfer of documents to Kela, see the section titled Contractual arrangements for the transfer of documents to Kela’s archival service.

Kela is responsible for archival and handles requests for data concerning the documents

As specified in the archival agreement, Kela is responsible for the archival of the documents transferred by service providers to Kela, for destroying them after the storage period has ended, and for handling requests for data concerning the documents.

More detailed instructions for submitting data requests can be found in the section titled Information service handling requests for data concerning documents transferred to Kela’s archival service. All messages concerning the service should be directed to