Coronavirus year raised use of My Kanta Pages to new level – see the 2020 figures

More than 2.7 million people used My Kanta Pages last year. Growth was almost 15 percent compared to 2019. Renewing prescriptions online in My Kanta Pages was popular with citizens, along with checking their Covid test results.

Last year was no exception as to the growth in the popularity of My Kanta Pages. The service had more than 29 million visits in total. Almost a third of all prescription renewal requests were made in My Kanta Pages.  In October, My Kanta Pages set its all-time monthly record: almost a million visitors.

The first visit peak in My Kanta Pages was seen in the early spring, when the coronavirus epidemic began in Finland and citizens withdrew into their homes.

"In the spring, growth was brought about especially by the renewal of prescriptions in My Kanta Pages," says Specialist Mari Holmroos from Kanta Services.

The next peak was seen in early autumn when extensive Covid testing began. Since then, visit numbers have remained permanently higher than in previous years. Transactions on behalf of minors in My Kanta Pages also increased in the autumn.

Although e-services are particularly valuable during the coronavirus era, the popularity of My Kanta Pages also indicates that the service is well established for use by citizens.

"The trend has been growing throughout the history of My Kanta Pages. Our estimate is that usage growth will continue also after the pandemic," Holmroos says.

My Kanta Pages has also been well received by the older population. Last year, 48 percent of people over the age of 65 were already using My Kanta Pages.

"This shows not only that the digital skills of seniors are improving, but also that My Kanta Pages meets their needs. Once you have renewed a prescription or checked a lab result in My Kanta Pages, few want to go back to the old way," Holmroos says.

Acting on behalf of another person expanding

October last year brought a change to My Kanta Pages, as parents and guardians have gradually been able to act on behalf of a minor over the age of 10. Previously, a guardian has only been able to act on behalf of a child under the age of 10. The reform is now progressing in Finland as healthcare organisations make the necessary changes to their patient data systems.

This spring, My Kanta Pages will get a further long-awaited new function, when it will also be possible to act on behalf of an adult. After that, an adult and fully authorised person can act on behalf of another adult in My Kanta Pages, as long as they have been granted the mandate to do so in the online service.

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