Statistical publications

Kela publishes statistics in both printed and PDF formats. The publication dates are listed in the publication calendar.

Statistical Yearbook

An overview of the social security schemes administered by Kela. In addition to statistical data, it includes descriptions of the content and eligibility conditions of the benefits provided by Kela.
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Pocket Statistics

A concise summary of the statistics produced by Kela. Published in Finnish, Swedish and English.
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Finnish Statistics on Medicines

The Finnish Statistics on Medicines is a joint publication of the Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea) and Kela. Published since 1987, it contains data on the consumption of prescription drugs and on National Health Insurance reimbursements.
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Statistical overviews

Published online, the statistical overviews are summaries of a few pages focusing on specific topics relating to Kela-provided social security. They are published mainly in the spring and are based on data for the preceding year. There are also more extensive overviews which compile data over several years.
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Annual statistical reports

Annual statistical reports provide key data on specific benefits, including housing allowances, pensions, rehabilitation, financial aid for students, benefits for families with children, health insurance, occupational health care, unemployment benefits, disability benefits, and the conscript's allowance.
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