Service in Estonian

Kela produces benefit guides and leaflets covering the entire range of social security benefits available from Kela. Some brochures are available in Finnish and Swedish only, but some are translated to English and other languages.

Phone service

If you don’t speak enough Finnish, Swedish or English to explain your situation on the phone, please tell us. We will get an interpreter as needed and call you back.

Brochures in Estonian

  • Kodu ja perekond (pdf)
    Toetused lastega perekondadele ja eluasemetoetused
    Home and family (pdf)
    Benefits for families with children and housing allowances
  • Tervis ja taastusravi (pdf)
    Haigushüvitised ja päevarahad, taastusravi ja puuetega inimeste toetused
    Health and Rehabilitation (pdf)
    Compensation for illness and daily allowances, rehabilitation and disability benefits
  • Õpingud (pdf)
    Õppuri toetused ja ajateenija toetused
    Studying (pdf)
    Financial support for students and allowances for military conscripts
  • Töötus (pdf)
    Toetused töötuse ajal
    Unemployment (pdf)
    Financial support for the unemployed
  • Pensionile jäämine (pdf)
    Pensionikaitse, eluasemetoetus ja hooldustoetus
    Pensions and retirement (pdf)
    Pension security, housing allowance and care allowance
  • Elama asumine Soome või Soomest välismaale (pdf).
    Kuidas saate Soome sotsiaalkaitse ja mis juhtub, kui asute elama välismaale?
    Moving to or away from Finland (pdf)
    How to get into the Finnish social security system and what happens when you move from Finland to another country?
  • Põhiline toimetulekutoetus (pdf)
    Viimase abinõu majanduslik toetus
    Basic social assistance (pdf)
    Emergency financial assistance
  • Toimetulekutoetuse lühitutvustus (pdf)
    Social assistance in brief (pdf)

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