Additional adjustment of 3.5% to Kela benefits from 1 August 2022

The amount of most Kela benefits will be increased in August as an additional adjustment was made to the National Pensions Index due to inflation.

Many benefits provided by Kela are tied to the National Pensions Index. The National Pensions Index is normally adjusted once a year, at the beginning of January, but now Parliament decided that an additional adjustment will be made to the index for the period 1.8-31.12.2022.

Benefits tied to the National Pensions Index include the national pension, guarantee pension, labour market subsidy and basic daily allowance, and the basic component of social assistance. The new benefit amounts have now been updated on Kela’s website on the web pages as well as in the tables and examples:

However, the additional adjustment does not concern all benefits. For instance child benefits are not tied to the National Pensions Index. The amounts of the general housing allowance and the housing allowance for pensioners will also not be increased because the eligibility requirements for these benefits will not change.

Higher increase in the study grant

The study grant is adjusted against the National Pensions Index annually in August, at the start of each new academic year. This year, the study grant will be increased by 5.7% as of 1 August, because the increase will comprise both the normal adjustment and the additional index adjustment.

At present, the study grant for students aged 18 or over who are living independently is EUR 268.23 per month, previously EUR 253.69 per month.

Kela will take the increased benefits into account as income

Kela will take the new benefit amounts into account as income when making decisions on and adjusting general housing allowance and housing allowance for pensioners as of 1 August 2022. This means that if a customer receives a Kela benefit that the increase concerns, the amount of the customer’s housing allowance may decrease slightly in connection with the next adjustment.

Next index adjustment on 1 January 2023

Kela will make the next adjustment to the benefit amounts at the beginning of next year. Kela will confirm the National Pensions Index for 2023 in October, as usual.

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