Compensation for expenses

When you participate in employment promoting measures you can receive compensation for expenses from Kela as regards travel and maintenance costs during participation in an employment promoting measure.

Employment promoting measures for which compensation for expenses can be paid include:

  • self-motivated study by immigrants
  • labour market training
  • job search training or career counselling
  • work experience placements
  • rehabilitative work activity.

Participation in employment promoting services is agreed with the TE Services.

The compensation for expenses is added to the basic unemployment allowance or labour market subsidy paid during the employment promoting measure. The compensation is EUR 9 per day, and it is paid for a maximum of 5 days a week. The compensation is not subject to tax.

The compensation for expenses is paid at an increased rate if you participate in employment promoting measures outside your commuting area (does not concern rehabilitative work activity). The increased rate can also be paid if the services are organised within your commuting area but outside your home municipality, and you have to pay for accommodation. Submit proof of payment for your accommodation expenses to Kela.

The increased rate of the compensation is EUR 18 per day.

Payment of the compensation for expenses always presupposes that you also receive an unemployment benefit.

Kela sends the data on expenses compensations paid out to the national incomes register within five days of the date of payment.