Housing benefits

Form ID Description Link
Application - General housing allowance AT 1e General housing allowance application and review form. Download PDF
Notification – Change of account number – Individual customer Y 121e This form is used by individual customers to notify Kela of new account number. Download PDF
Application - Housing allowance for pensioners AE 1e Form used to apply for the housing allowance for pensioners. Download PDF
Enclosure - General housing allowance - Power of attorney to represent a communal household AT 5e Appendix to Application for Housing Allowance. With this form, a communal household authorises one household member to apply for housing allowance. Download PDF
Appendix - General housing allowance - Persons living in the household AT 1je Appendix to Application for Housing Allowance. This form should be completed and submitted along with your application for housing allowance, if there are more than 6 persons in your household. Download PDF
Benefit overpayment details Y 14e With this form you can report the reasons for the overpayment and describe your financial situation before a recovery decision is issued. Download PDF
Notice - General housing allowance - Termination of housing allowance AT 6e Form for termination of general housing allowance. For review of the housing allowance, the application form AT 1e is used. Download PDF