Kela provides service to customers in many different ways

When customers contact Kela they can choose the way that best suits their own situation. Kela's services are available online, by phone and locally through customer service locations.

If the customer uses our e-service to apply for benefits and send supporting documents, your application will be processed quicker and the customer will receive payments sooner. In addition, some data are already pre-completed in the online application so filling in the application is also quicker.

It is possible to avoid queues by scheduling an appointment to the telephone service or a customer service location.

Ways of contacting Kela

Kela wants to provide services that are easy to access, near the customer and accessible in many different ways. Providing service near the customer means alternative ways of contacting Kela and a broad service network. Contacting Kela at home or at work is increasingly an option as well.

Individual customers can contact Kela in six different ways: online, telephone service, customer service locations, citizen service points, conventional mail and direct reimbursement.

Employer customers can contact Kela in four different ways: e-service for employers, live chat, service number for employers and advisory service concerning reimbursements for costs for occupational health care.

On the internet

More and more often it is possible to handle Kela-related matters online when it suits the customer best. Customers can use the calculators to estimate whether they are entitled to a benefit and what the amount of the benefit would be.

Via the e-service it is possible to apply for e.g. all benefits for families with children, unemployment benefits, housing allowance, basic social assistance or student financial aid. Customers can also check your own application and payment details and view letters and decisions that they have received from Kela. Access to the service requires authentication with an online bank ID or an electronic identity card.

For privacy reasons, e-mail cannot be used for communications with Kela. It is possible to send messages to Kela via the secure message function in the e-service.

By telephone

Kela's customer service numbers provide service in Finnish, Swedish and English. The customer service numbers are arranged according to the customer’s reason for contact and life situation.

At a customer service location

Customers are free to visit any of Kela’s customer service locations. The customer service locations are generally open Mondays to Fridays between 9.00 and 16.00. However, some customer service locations are only open at certain times during the week. Customers can check the nearest customer service location and the opening hours in the customer service locator on Kela’s website.

Kela also provides services by appointment. It is possible to schedule an appointment for a visit at a customer service location or a telephone appointment.

At a citizen service point

In addition to customer service locations, Kela's services are also available at citizen service points throughout the country. They provide application forms for Kela benefits and applications for Kela benefits can also be handed in at the citizen service points. At the citizen service points guidance is also available on how to use Kela’s online services. Customers can check the location of the nearest citizen service point and the opening hours in the customer service locator on Kela’s website.

By mail

Applications and supporting documents can also be sent by post to Kela’s four regional centres.

Direct reimbursement

Certain benefits can be paid to customers without their having to file a claim. Such benefits include reimbursements for medicines, private doctor’s fees and travel costs. The reimbursement is deducted directly from the invoice at the pharmacy or at the doctor’s office. Direct reimbursement is also available for the costs of travel by taxi in connection with illness or rehabilitation.

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