Organisational responsibility

Acting responsibly as an organisation is an important element of Kela's strategy. Responsible actions help to drive sustainable development. Socially sustainable development is particularly important to us. We promote sustainable development by addressing the wellbeing needs of our customers, staff and environment and by paying attention to economic sustainability.

We released an updated corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme in spring 2018. The programme outlines a range of CSR objectives and defines the operational policies through which we are promoting sustainable development in our organisation and in the performance of our responsibilities. We have added a separate action plan to our CSR programme, which guides our actions and will be updated as needed.

We use various indicators to measure our progress in sustainable development. One such indicator is carbon footprint, which we calculate yearly. Other indicators include the increase in online customer contacts and staff evaluations of our success in meeting various responsibility targets.

We are also a participant in sustainable development cooperation at the national level and a member of the Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development. Among the Commission's goals is to promote and monitor progress in meeting the National Commitment to Sustainable Development as part of United Nations global sustainable development goals. As part of the National Commitment, we have issued two commitments on sustainable development of our own.

Kela is also a member of Finnish corporate responsibility network FIBS and has signed the FIBS Diversity Charter. As a signatory to the Charter, Kela commits to review and improve its diversity management and customer service practices.

Events and participation

We participate each year in various events related to corporate and organisational responsibility. One key international event of this kind is the European Sustainable Development Week. During past Sustainable Development Weeks, we have focused on such topics as reducing social disparities and promoting equality. Further, we have participated in the national Energy Awareness Week and organised other initiatives in support of sustainable development.  

We discuss our CSR efforts in greater detail in a separate report.


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