Operating responsibly to make a positive difference – Kela introduces its first strategic responsibility policy

Kela’s strategic responsibility policy guides Kela’s overall responsibility work. The policy is encapsulated in four themes: diversity, digital trust, social impact and climate change.

Kela is an organisation of national significance. Our operations have relevance across the entire spectrum of Finnish society. The strategic responsibility policy we are introducing for the first time is rooted in our strategy and was created together with our key stakeholders and partners.

Our commitment to social responsibility requires us to operate in a way that furthers the UN’s sustainable development goals. To that end, the policy is also informed by the Agenda 2030 goals and targets.

Continuous development is at the centre of our responsibility efforts: As we evaluate the work we do, we take note not only of its positive impact but also of the negative effects that it may have. A responsible actor recognises the impact its operations have on society at large.

Producing more information on responsible actions

Kela's responsibility policy is encapsulated in four themes: diversity, digital trust, social impact and climate change. These themes are ubiquitous in our everyday work.

The Finnish population is becoming more diverse in terms of personal backgrounds, traditions and circumstances. This change requires us at Kela to recognise the diversity of our customers and to strengthen our understanding of their needs. Responsibility is also a part of the way we produce information and how transparently we use it. We must be a reliable and responsible producer and user of information.

The legislation governing responsibility efforts also places demands on public-sector entities and their responsibility reporting. Having issued its first responsibility reports before the reporting became compulsory, Kela has been a pioneer among public-sector organisations, but more work remains to be done.

“It’s important to be able to assess the social impact of our responsibility efforts, and we want to be a leader in that”, Petra Elomaa says. She is a senior CSR specialist at Kela.

Based on the responsibility policy, Kela will draw up an operating plan in 2022 which will spell out concrete efforts made to advance responsibility. The plan will also set out indicators that will be used to evaluate how successful the efforts are. 

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Strategic Responsibility Policy