Programme to enhance Kela’s written communications with customers

Kela is undertaking a programme in 2020–2021 to improve the clarity of its written communications with customers. The programme is intended

  • to help customers understand the communications they receive without having to contact Kela for help with complicated formulations
  • to produce texts that customers view as respectful
  • to build awareness of Kela as an open and reliable organisation.

Resources and organisation of the programme

The programme staff consists of five language specialists, a coordinator and an assistant.

The programme is a joint effort with input from all Kela staff members. A programme steering group will help to identify texts that require attention, while benefit specialists will work on the texts together with the language specialists.

The language specialists will also hold training events for Kela staff focusing on language issues and best practices in professional writing.

A systematic and continuous effort

Kela hopes to make language planning and clarification a systematic part of its operations. The idea is to make language planning a permanent part of the process of creating new written customer communications, making it a natural part of the workflow and ensuring the continuity of the efforts to clarify language use. Kela’s translators are responsible for the quality of the texts made available in Swedish and English. A high standard of written communication in Finnish will also make the translators’ work easier.

Contact information

Jenni Viinikka, Programme Lead, 050 599 3546,

More information about the development programme and about language work at Kela