Kela is helping to create the conditions for a successful social security reform

As a knowledge provider to the social security sector, Kela is helping to build the social security of tomorrow. We are also actively involved in the ongoing social security reform.

Outi Antila, Director General of Kela, is a permanent expert member of the committee in charge of the reform. The committee’s work is supported by five sections, each with a member from Kela. Three of the sections have an expert secretary from Kela. Our experts involved in the reform have extensive experience with implementing benefit schemes, drafting legislation on social security and developing the services offered to clients.

Kela does a lot of research to advance efforts to prepare the reform. Our researchers also address topics related to the reform in our research blog.

Our online publication Sosiaalivakuutus provides insight into topics and perspectives relevant to the reform. A podcast called Suoraan sosiaaliturvasta  (Straight talk on social security) discusses issues which the reform will have to address. Finally, a series of articles that goes by the name Sosiaaliturvan kauneuskilpailu (Social security beauty contest) takes a look at research on social security systems around the world, while another series titled Näin Suomessa käytetään sosiaaliturvaa (How social security is used in Finland) analyses regional differences in the use of social security and social services.