Who can get general housing allowance?

Low-income households are eligible for general housing allowance to help with their housing costs. A household typically comprises the persons sharing living quarters. The housing allowance is granted to the entire household as a whole.

Housing allowance is available for:

  • owner-occupied homes
  • rented homes
  • right-of-occupancy homes
  • part-ownership homes

The amount of the housing allowance depends on the following:

  • the number of adults and children in the household
  • the municipality in which their home is located
  • income per month before taxes

A minor child living separately from his or her parent's home is usually considered to be part of his or her parent's household and therefore is not eligible for his or her own housing allowance. However, if a minor living independently has been granted, for example, a study allowance, he or she may also be granted general housing allowance.

Housing allowance is usually granted for one year in advance.

If income or other circumstances change during that year, the housing allowance is reviewed. Please notify Kela immediately of any changes.

General housing allowance for students

Students can get general housing allowance under the same conditions as all other customers. This means that months of study or the maximum time limits for financial aid will not be considered when awarding housing benefits.

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