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Maternity package 2023

Maternity package 2023.
The 2023 edition of the maternity package contains a total of 38 different products. In addition, the box can be used as a bed.

Please keep in mind that you should put in a claim for the maternity package at least 2 months before your estimated due date.

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Maternity package 2024

Deliveries of the new edition will begin when existing stocks run out. The exact date of the switchover to the new edition depends on the number of claims that come in.


If you receive defective items, contact the maternity package distributor: Suomen Kirjastopalvelu Oy, asiakaspalvelu(at) or by phone 09 584 0440. You will receive a new non-defective item in return. For other questions concerning the maternity package, call the customer service number for families with children.


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Box and mattress


Outerwear and quilts 

Dark grey snowsuit-sleeping bag with Moomin pattern.


Wrap-around bodysuit with white ground colour, long sleeves, pattern called ‘Karkki’ (candy).



Brown trousers with foldable elastic at the waist and legs.


Caps, socks and mittens 


Natural white, with bobble and strings.


Blankets, bed linen, towel 


Multicoloured duvet cover with whale pattern.


Baby care items 


Baby accessories.

Hygiene products


Personal care items.

Photos: © Kela. Please credit the source. Not for commercial use.

Last modified 15/2/2024

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