Finnish Basic Income Experiment – Science meets social security reform

Time: 4.4.2019 9:00-12:00 (Finnish time, GMT +2)
Place: Kela Auditorium / online
Language: English


More interesting results from the evaluation study of the Finnish Basic Income Experiment will be published in a seminar on the 4th of April. The seminar includes presentations from the researchers with commentary from the experts on basic income.

We cordially welcome you to this seminar to hear about new results about the Finnish Basic Income Experiment on employment, use of benefits and wellbeing. More in-depth analysis is made in order to give more insight into the effects of the BI within the treatment and control group.


Please sign up for the lecture by 1.4.2019.

Online participation

You can watch the seminar also online. No registration required. 


8.30 Coffee
9.00 Opening words, Director General of Kela, Elli Aaltonen
9.05 About the evaluation of the Finnish BI experiment, Olli Kangas
9.15 Further results from the register data analysis, Ohto Kanninen
9.40 Trust and confidence among BI receivers, Minna Ylikännö
10.00 Subjective wellbeing and financial stress, Signe Jauhiainen
10.20 Break
10.35 Researching qualitatively life on basic income, Helena Blomberg and Christian Kroll
10.50 Finnish BI experiment in media, Katja Mäkkylä
11.00 Commentary speech by Timo Verlaat from the University of Utrecht, Netherlands
11.40 Discussion
12.00 Closing the seminar