Kela Conference on Social Security 2019 – Equality and wellbeing through sustainable social security system

Finland´s Presidency of the Council of the European Union – side event

Time: 10.12.2019, 9.00-16.30

Place: Kela Main office building, Nordenskiöldinkatu 12, Helsinki Stream on-line (keynotes)

Language: English


Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, is a government agency that provides basic economic security for everyone residing in Finland. Kela’s customers comprise everyone covered under the Finnish social security system. Kela is a service innovator that creates wellbeing and helps people manage their lives better in a more sustainable way while considering the changing environment of global economy.

One of Finland’s objectives during the EU Presidency is to stimulate an open European debate on the economy of wellbeing and improve policy-level understanding of the fact that wellbeing is a prerequisite for economic growth and for social and economic stability. The economy of wellbeing means that economic growth is pursued in line with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Sustainable growth can be achieved through measures that benefit people’s wellbeing and the environment, but never at their expense.

Kela Conference 2019 brings together experts from different fields of social protection. One-day conference consists of four main themes, topical from the viewpoint of developing social protection systems in more sustainable way, and events built around them. Each one of the four events has their own team of Kela experts, which organizes the programme for the event.

The themes stem from the idea of reforming social security system in Finland in a more sustainable way considering the future challenges in the societies. From Kela’s perspective, major questions relate to delivering wellbeing and organizing client services in the globalizing and diversifying world, developing AI in delivering benefits, and enhancing equality in the digitalized services.


9:00-9.45          Coffee and Music performance by Vaskivuori Upper Secondary School

9:00-9:30           Info-tour of the Finnish Social Security System 

9:45-10:00         Opening

Tuula Haatainen First Deputy Speaker, Parliament of Finland: Principles and values  of a welfare state

10:00-12:00      Keynotes (streamed online)

Tuula Helne Ph.D., Senior Researcher, Kela: Wellbeing in the time of ecological annihilation

Nina Nissilä Director, Kela: Leading Customer-Centric Digitalization in Social Security Services


Elise Kivimäki Director of Customer Relations, Kela: Together for the best of our customer

Noora Jansson Ph.D., Head of Employment Services, City of Oulu: Leading change through network partnership

12:00-13:00      Lunch break


Parallel event 1: Investing in the future - family policies and fertility

Parallel event 2: Reforming social security – all we need is trust and working together for the customer

14.30-15.00      Coffee 


Parallel event 3: Customer services in the globalizing and diversifying world

Parallel event 4: Digital transformation with AI and emerging technologies



The registration is now closed. You can watch the keynotes of the seminar also online  (no registration required).