Dispensations reimbursed under the NHI scheme



Illness / Medicines

Data content

Dispensed medicines reimbursed under the National Health Insurance scheme, medicine expenditure and reimbursements paid. Recorded as recipients are persons who are dispensed a reimbursable batch of medicine. For purposes of the statistics, additional reimbursements are treated separately from basic and special reimbursements.

The data for the report only include dispensed medicines reimbursed through a pharmacy and comparable dispensations made prior to reaching the annual initial deductible. They do not include dispensed medicines for which a reimbursement was paid afterwards following the submission of a claim. The data also cover additional reimbursements paid afterwards.

Recipients’ age group is based on their age at the end of the reference period or their age at death.

Variables and classifications

  • Time period. (Year, Quarter).
  • Age group. (0–5, 6–12, 13–17, 18–24, 35–44, …, 65–74, 75–84, 85–)

Statistical reference period

Actual statistical data are available for the period beginning 1 January 2020.
Reference data are available for the period 1 January 2019–31 December 2019.
The statistical reference period is based on the date of purchase of the medicine.

Updating frequency

Data are updated quarterly on 20th of May, August, November and February.
Annual data are updated on 20 February.

Data source

Complete dataset stored in Kela's data warehouse consisting of data from Kela's system for processing pharmacy payments, payment management system and demographic data system.

Additional information

Additional information on statistics on reimbursements for medicine expenses:
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Additional information on reimbursements of medicine expenses:
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