Estonian citizens can now purchase medicines in Finland with an e-prescription issued in their own country

Estonia is the first country whose citizens can purchase medicines in Finland with an electronic prescription issued in their own country. Gradually this will also be possible in several other European countries.

Estonian e-prescriptions are accepted in all pharmacies in Finland. In order to purchase the medicines, the customer must visit the pharmacy in person and show an identification document with a photo.

“Even at the present time there are Estonian citizens in Finland, for example, due to their work, who may need to use prescriptions issued in their home country,” says Customer Relations Manager Sini Palo from Kela’s Kanta Services. The service will be even more useful for Estonian citizens when travel between the two countries returns to normal.

It has been possible to use a Finnish e-prescription for purchasing medicines in Estonia and Croatia since last year.

“Even at the present time, medicines are dispensed in Estonia with Finnish prescriptions almost on a daily basis. Before the borders were closed, the number was about 20 per day,” Sini Palo says.

Restrictions in order to safeguard pharmaceutical safety

It is not possible to buy narcotic medicines or certain medicinal products mainly having an impact on the central nervous system in Finland with an Estonian prescription. The pharmacy dispenses the medication according to Finnish legislation.

European e-prescriptions will become more widely available in stages

Several European countries have now expressed their interest in the service. Currently, Portugal, Sweden, Poland, Ireland and the Czech Republic are preparing to deploy the service. Every country decides on its own deployment schedule.