Kela regrets the inconvenience caused by delays in customer service

Kela's offices and customer service telephone numbers are exceptionally busy due to new social assistance clients.

Kela is taking steps to deal with the situation. Customers have faced excessive delays and Kela is doing its best to resolve the issue.

Visiting an office is not a shortcut to quicker service

If it is not absolutely necessary to make a personal visit to a Kela office, customers are advised to postpone the visit until a later time. Visiting an office personally is not a shortcut to quicker service. Customers are also requested not to call Kela's customer service numbers unless they have an urgent question or issue that cannot wait.

The easiest way to get customer service is to go to Kela's online service. Customers who are unable to access the online service can set up a phone appointment ( Phone appointments are intended for situations where a customer is unable otherwise to fill in an application.

Applications can also be submitted by post

If it is not possible to file an online application, the application can also be sent in by post. Benefit application forms (in PDF format) can be found at Mail the completed form along with any supporting documents to Kela. Incoming mail is handled at four regional offices. Check to find the address for your region.

Call an automated helpline for benefit payment dates

  • Call 020 634 0210 at any time to check the payment dates of child benefits, child care allowances, pensions, disability benefits, housing benefits, student financial aid payments, and conscript's allowances.
  • Common payment dates can also be found online.

Additional information: