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The maternity grant is one of the statutory public benefits aimed at defraying the cost of raising a child. Besides offsetting the costs resulting from the birth or adoption of a child, the maternity grant also has a health policy objective: to promote the health and well-being or mother and child. The statistics on maternity grants provide information about recipients and expenditure. They also show the amount of adoption grants paid out.

Data content

Recipient of maternity grant (family), child for whom the maternity grant is paid, maternity package delivered, amount of maternity or adoption grant paid in EUR.

Classifications used

Number of children receiving maternity grant in family, earned income of mother, number of older children in family, preceding birth interval, number of children adopted from abroad, country of adoption, amount of adoption grant paid, general regional classifications.

Data collection methods and data sources

The processing systems employed by Kela's local offices are used to produce an individual-level benefit database, which forms the basis for the statistical registers.

Updating frequency

Published monthly and once per calendar year.

Time of completion or release

Data are made available in the Kelasto statistical database within 4 weeks of the end of the reference period.

Time series

The main statistical units are comparable from 1994, when the administration of the maternity grant scheme was transferred from municipal social welfare boards to Kela.


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