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Producer: Kela – The Social Insurance Institution of Finland

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The school transport subsidy is one of the means for supporting participation in education. It offsets some of the cost of daily commutes between home and upper secondary school or institute of vocational education. School transport subsidy is available to persons living and studying in Finland. The school transport subsidy scheme is administered by Kela. The statistics on school transport subsidies offer information about recipients and expenditure.

Data content

Recipients of school transport subsidy, amount of subsidy paid in EUR.

Classifications used

Recipient, level of educational institution, and general regional and demographic classifications.

Data collection methods and data sources

Compiled from individual-level statistical registers, which are based on benefit databases created in the course of administering the school transport subsidy scheme.

Updating frequency

Published monthly, and once per calendar and academic year.

Time of completion or release

The monthly statistics are published within five weeks of the statistical reference period and the annual and academic year specific statistics by the middle of the year following the reference year.

Time series

The time series are comparable from 1997, the year in which the school transportation subsidy was introduced.


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