Statistics on pension assistance

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The pension assistance is a multi-year, comprehensive benefit to secure the subsistence of persons covered by the benefit before they retire on an old-age pension. Pension assistance can be awarded to persons aged 60 years or over who have been unemployed for five years more or less continuously and who were born before 1 September 1956.

Data content

Recipients of pension assistance at the statistical reference time point, amount of the assistance, and benefit expenditure during the reference period.

Classifications used

The statistics use general demographic classifications and general regional classifications.

Data collection methods and data sources

This statistic is compiled from an individual-level registry on pension assistance. It is produced from the benefit system for pension assistance, which includes all of the data created and processed during the implementation of the pension assistance scheme.

Time series

Statistics on recipients and payment of pension assistance are available starting from June 2017.


Social security, unemployed, long-term unemployed

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