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Producer: Finnish Centre for Pensions and Kela - The Social Insurance Institution of Finland

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The statistics on pension provision in Finland offer a comprehensive picture of retirement and transition to retirement in Finland. The Finnish pension system is comprised, broadly, of two statutory schemes which provide, respectively, national pensions and earnings-related pensions.

The national pension scheme is administered by Kela. The earnings-related pension scheme is administered by private-sector earnings-related pension providers, funds and foundations and by public-sector pension providers. The Finnish Centre for Pensions coordinates the earnings-related pension system and collects data required for the administration of the system in its central register. Pensions payable under motor insurance and employment accident plans and under the Military Injuries Act and the Act Concerning Injuries Sustained in Military Service (referred to collectively by the Finnish acronym SOLITA) are also part of the Finnish statutory pension system.

Data content

The statistics contain data on pension recipients and their benefits at the end of the year, on the persons having retired on a pension during the course of the year, and on pension expenditure during the year.

Classifications used

Pension scheme, pension category, general regional classification, classification of diseases (ICD-10) and general demographic classifications.

Data collection methods and data sources

The data in the basic statistical register of the Finnish Centre for Pensions are sourced from the Centre's register on pension transactions. The data in the statistical register of Kela are obtained from the benefit databases created in the process of administering the pension schemes. Data for the statistics on pensions payable under motor insurance and employment accident plans are collected by Suomen Vakuutusdata.

Updating frequency

Published yearly.

Time of completion or release

Autumn following the end of the statistical reference year.

Time series

Statistics on persons in receipt of a pension at year-end are available since 1981.


Pensions, national residence-based pensions, earnings-related pensions, retirement.

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