Statistics on total expenditure on pensions in Finland

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Finland has a diversified pension system. Total pension expenditure in Finland consists of pensions paid from several different schemes, by several different organisations. Earnings-related pensions are paid, for private-sector employees, by earnings-related pension providers, funds and foundations, and for public-sector employees, by public-sector pension providers. Pensions from the national pensions system are paid by Kela. Pensions payable under motor insurance and employment accident plans and under the Military Injuries Act and the Act Concerning Injuries Sustained in Military Service (referred to collectively by the Finnish acronym SOLITA) are included in the total pension expenditure.

Data content

The statistics on total expenditure on pensions cover the benefit payments made under the Kela-operated pension schemes and the earnings-related pension system as well as those made under the so-called SOLITA pension schemes (motor insurance, employment accident insurance, Military Injuries Act and Act Concerning Injuries Sustained in Military Service). The statistics cover the pension payments made during the statistical reference year.

Classifications used

Pension scheme, pension act, pension category.

Data collection methods and data sources

The pension expenditure of Kela is obtained from the statistical registers for national pensions, guarantee pensions and survivors' pensions. The expenditure on private- and public-sector earnings-related pensions is based on the pension transactions register of the Finnish Centre for Pensions. The data received from other institutions are based on their accounts and pension payment registers.

Updating frequency

The statistics on total pension expenditure in Finland refer to the calendar year. Advance information about the statistics is released a few times a year. This information is liable to change as more detailed information comes in.

Time of completion or release

Final statistics are made available in the autumn of the year following the statistical reference year.

Time series

Statistics on total pension expenditure in Finland have been compiled since 1960. The time series is comparable until the year 2007, at which point comparability becomes unattainable due to legislative changes affecting the national pensions. Starting 2011, the statistics on total pension expenditure also include free-form pensions paid out by insurance providers.


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