Statistics on total expenditure on pensions in Finland

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  • Statistical Yearbook of Pensioners in Finland (linkki ETK:n sivuille)
  • Tilasto Suomen eläkkeensaajista kunnittain/Statistik över pensionstagarna i Finland efter kommun (linkki ETK:n sivuille)
  • Charts series (pdf), Charts series (xlsx)
  • Kela’s Statistical Yearbook
  • Pocket Statistics


Finland has a diversified pension system. Total pension expenditure in Finland consists of pensions paid from several different schemes, by several different organisations. Earnings-related pensions are paid, for private-sector employees, by earnings-related pension providers, funds and foundations, and for public-sector employees, by public-sector pension providers. Pensions from the national pensions system are paid by Kela. Pensions payable under the acts on workers’ compensation and occupational diseases, motor vehicle insurance, and the Military Injuries Act and the Act Concerning Injuries Sustained in Military Service (referred to collectively by the Finnish acronym SOLITA) are included in the total pension expenditure.

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Quality description Statistics on total expenditure on pensions in Finland (linkki ETK:n sivuille)

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