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The statistics on the general housing allowance contain data on payments of general housing allowance by Kela.They provide statistical information about recipient households, their dwellings and housing costs and the expenditure on general housing allowances.Together with the statistics on the housing allowance for pensioners, the housing supplement for students and the housing assistance for conscripts, they present an overall view of means-tested housing benefits.

Data content

The households in receipt of general housing allowance at the reference time point, data about dwellings and the amount of housing allowance, and benefit expenditure during the statistical reference period.

Classifications used

General demographic classifications (according to the main breadwinner), general dwelling classifications and general regional classifications.

Data collection methods and data sources

Compiled from individual-level statistical registers, which are based on benefit databases created in the course of administering the general housing allowances scheme.

Updating frequency

Published monthly and once per calendar year.

Time of completion or release

Monthly statistics are published in the month following the reference month. Annual statistics are released by the middle of the following year.

Time series

Information about the general housing allowance is available since 1975. The main statistical units are comparable at the aggregate level since 1981. Implementation of the general housing allowances scheme was transferred from municipalities to Kela in 1994. The majority of students were transferred into the general housing allowance scheme in August 2017.


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