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The occupational health care statistics contain data on Finnish occupational health services for which Kela provides reimbursement. Employers are required to arrange for the delivery of statutorily mandated occupational health services for their staff. In addition, employers may, but are not required to, provide their employees with access to general practitioner level medical services.

Self-employed persons may choose to arrange for both preventive and curative occupational health cover for themselves, but are not required to do so. Employers and self-employed persons are eligible for compensation from the National Health Insurance scheme for their occupational health costs. Claims for compensation must be filed with Kela.

Data content

Employees covered by occupational health services, self-employed persons who have been compensated for occupational health costs, procedure/service (number or hours), amount of occupational health costs in EUR, amount of compensations for occupational health costs in EUR.

Classifications used

Main provider of services, industry (Standard Industrial Classification of Statistics Finland (TOL 2002)), number of employees at workplace. In respect of occupational health services for self-employed persons, also general regional classifications and general demographic classifications.

Data collection methods and data sources

Compiled from individual-level statistical registers, which are based on benefit databases created in the course of providing compensations for occupational health costs. The statistics on occupational health care provided by employers are based on claims for reimbursement filed by employers. Therefore, unlike other benefit statistics from Kela, the statistics on occupational health care provided by employers are not compiled from an individual-level statistical register. The statistics on occupational health care for the self-employed, however, are produced from an individual-level register.

Updating frequency

Occupational health care statistics are published annually about two years after the statistical reference year.

Time of completion or release

Published annually.

Time series

The key data in the occupational health care statistics are comparable since 1979.


Occupational health care, employees, self-employed persons, principal provider of services, sector of industry

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