Getting ready for the national incomes register – what does it mean for Kela’s customers?

As part of the Finnish Tax Administration’s project to establish a national incomes register, Kela is taking steps to adopt the register at the beginning of 2019. Employers also must implement the incomes register at the beginning of 2019.

The incomes register will make it easier for individual customers and employers to handle Kela-related matters. It will also streamline Kela’s operations and expedite claims processing, since both income data and, starting in 2020, benefit data can be accessed directly from the register.

In addition to the Finnish Tax Administration and Kela, the incomes register will be used by authorised pension providers, the Unemployment Insurance Fund, individual unemployment funds, the Education Fund, ELY Centres, municipal authorities, and liability insurance providers.


The incomes register will initially be relevant to employer organisations, which must make their payroll administration compliant with it by the beginning of 2019. This will require preparations on the systems side and the adoption of new ways to operate.

At Kela, getting ready for the incomes register will bring changes to the online service for employers. For example, during 2018 the system will accept only one account number per business ID in cases concerning daily allowances. The changeover will be facilitated by the fact that most organisations already now have only one account number on file. Updates will be posted on the employers’ section of the website and in the Työnantajainfo newsletter.

Once the incomes register contains a critical mass of information about employment relationships, wage and salary payments, and benefits, Kela will in most cases be able, for example, to decide claims for daily allowance without asking employers to supply additional documents or information.

Individual customers

The customer service process for individual customers will be simplified as well. With the incomes register containing a sufficient level of detail on employment relationships and incomes, customers will no longer have to provide wage and salary statements to Kela.

During 2019, it will become possible also for individual customers to check the incomes register for their employment and income details. Further, starting 2020, customers will be able to view information about their pensions and other social benefits.

The incomes register may reduce the need for customers to provide additional documentation about such benefits as:

  • sickness allowances (incl. employers)
  • maternity, paternity and parental allowances (incl. employers)
  • rehabilitation allowances (incl. employers)
  • special care allowances
  • unemployment benefits
  • housing allowance
  • benefits for students
  • child care allowances
  • conscript’s allowance
  • pensions (disability pension, spouse’s pension)
  • exemptions from payment of child support debt
  • basic social assistance

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